White Water Services

Equipment Installations

Purchasing water treatment equipment is easy… Installation is not! Know it’s done right and call the experts at White Water! With over 40 years of experience feel confident that your newly installed equipment is working exactly as advertised!

Equipment Repairs

When you install water treatment equipment it is meant to last! But when it does break down don’t throw that investment away. Give your system a second life and have White Water repair it with confidence. With over 40 years of experience we have seen it all and fixed it all!

Low Pressure Rebeddings

Water pressure got you down!? As your machine ages the quality of your resin can be compromised. When this resin breaks down it restrict the water flow through the machine causing a homes water pressure to diminish. Call White Water today to replace your damaged resin and get your facets flowing again!

Scheduled Maintenance

When it comes to water treatment equipment you never want to be left guessing… With White Water you wont be left asking questions! Call today and we can schedule regular maintenance for your water system that works for you!

U.V Maintenance

When it comes to bacteria you cant be too careful! The last thing you need worry about is how much life your U.V has left. Take a load off and have White Water take care of your annual U.V Bulb replacements!

Filter Changes

From R.O to Big Blues we have the filters you need to guarantee you the best water possible! Put your mind at ease and have us take care of your regular maintenance filter changes!

Salt Deliveries

Nobody likes to lug salt… So have us do the heavy lifting for you! Order from White Water and we will deliver your salt right to the machine!

Order online with using the link below or call us toll free 1 (800) 263.1294 to arrange delivery.

*Min order of 4 bags required