Challenger Series – CH34WS1

The Challenger CH34WS1 water softener from White Water utilizes the Clack Electronic/Programable Control Valve. A top of the line controller that monitors your water usage and adapts as necessary. Plus it keeps the proper time even if the power goes off for up to two days meaning no more adjusting times when power goes out. As well White Water only uses a superior high ion exchange media which is very resistant to chloramines allowing the unit to offer high flows and low maintenance. That’s a pretty nice combination and as with all of our machines a condensation jacket, bypass valve and full installation is included.

Clack WS1 Electronic Control Valve
34,000 Grain Structural Composite Tank
10% Cross Link Resin
Neoprene Condensation Jacket
Quick Connect Bypass Valve
Brine Tank (Includes Salt Platform and Safety Shut-off Float)

CH34WS1 – Challenger Series: Sales Brochure

CH34WS1 – Challenger Series: Manual