Challenger Series – CH34MI

The Challenger CH34MI water softener from White Water utilizes the top of class Fleck 5600 Meter Initiated Control Valve. A tried and true mechanical masterpiece the CH34MI will only clean when the machine is required to, saving on water expensive without sacrificing Soft Water. As well within the 8” x 47” Structural Composite Tank we use a high grade 10% Cross Link Resin making the CH34MI the perfect fit for your home or small business.

Fleck 5600MI Meter Initiated Control Valve
34,000 Grain Structural Composite Tank
10% Cross Link Resin
Neoprene Condensation Jacket
Stainless Steel Bypass Valve
Brine Tank (Includes Salt Platform and Safety Shut-off Float)

CH34MI – Challenger Series: Sales Brochure

CH34MI – Challenger Series: Manual